Aleph Zero Ecosystem: Web3 Security Level UP with Interlock's Threatslayer

Enterprise-security level powered by AI and the community

Web3: Full of possibilities but also potential threats

We are moving towards a rich ecosystem made up of users and dApps that coexist and interact in a decentralized and permissionless way. 

Our browser acts as an "operating system" which allows you to perform different actions such as connect your wallet, trade NFTs, send tokens, participate in blockchain-based games and even become a small private bank participating in lending protocols to obtain benefits.

Between you and all these actions there is only one element, your internet browser.  For this reason it becomes essential to protect our browsing experience, say hello to Threatslayer.

Threatslayer: Installation on Chrome Browser

Installing ThreatSlayer is simple and fast, it will only take two minutes of our time.

1. Open your Chrome browser (Chrome, Brave, Edge, and other Chrome-compatible browsers.) and click "Manage extensions";

2. From the left side, use the next button to display the link to "Chrome Web Store"

3. Now you can use the search engine on the left to find the extension "ThreatSlayer"

4. Press the "Add to Chrome" button to complete the process!

🧠 Extra Step: Enable beta AI threat detection

1. Go to chrome://extensions
2. Select "Details" for the ThreatSlayer extension

3. Open extension options

4. Enable ✅ the AI detection

Threatslayer: Basic Principles

Install the extension and passively earn $ILOCK token while browsing and sharing anonymized security data. That might be a summary about ThreatSlayer, but let's dig a little deeper into the details:

  • ThreatSlayer extension protects you from different browsing threats like: dangerous URLs, malware, phising attacks, bad downloads and crypto and NFT´s scams.
  • A.I. Threat Detection detects novel urls and dangerous sites in real-time. It works by comparing a list of trusted and untrusted websites to a trained system called a classifier.
  • Users will be able to stake tokens on pages that threat detection misclassifies. Which makes threat intelligence more accurate. 
  • The community browses with the extension active improving its security and collaborating with ThreatSlayer earning $ILOCK tokens in return. 
  • The team is working on implementing more features such as a verified smart contract system.

What makes ThreatSlayer different from other solutions on the market?

  • It's free: You don't have to pay anything to use the extension while other solutions are paid.
  • Open Source: Open source allows the developers community to act as auditors and verify that everything everything does what it should while helping to identify possible bugs and improve the product.
  • Earn $ILOCK tokens passively: Not only is it free, but you can also earn $ILOCK tokens as you browse. (Coming soon)
  • Web3 ready: Web3 and to be more exact, interactions with crypto and DeFi, have additional risks that most products on the market do not have in mind, for example interactions with smart contracts and addresses.

In our opinion, Interlock has a great product on its hands, which will make Aleph Zero Ecosystem and Web3 more secure. Start protecting yourself and prepare for the future!

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