$AZERO Staking from your pocket: How to Start staking or change validator with Nova Wallet

Stake, receive rewards, and secure the network from your IOS or Android Smartphone

Start staking / Change Validator

Nova Wallet app download links:

Once Nova Wallet download have finished we have two options depending on whether we already have a wallet or not.

Option #1 - Create a new wallet: Creating a wallet generate our seed phrase that will allow you to access your cryptocurrency funds safely and easily. In the event that you lose/broke your smartphone you can access back to your funds by re-downloading the wallet at any time on another device and providing your seed.

⚠️ Don't forget to write down and save the seed phrase in a safe place and never share it with anyone!

Option #2 - Restore your wallet: Using your seed phrase or . JSON file, if you created your wallet at https://azero.dev/ you can restore your wallet and start using Nova Wallet. You could even keep both wallets for convenience.

How to Nominate a validator and start staking or change your current validator:

#1 Start Staking - For new/fresh wallets

  • Choose Aleph Zero from the three horizontal points located at the top:

  • Tap start staking:

  • On next screen we can setup the amount we want to stake and if we want the rewards to compound interest (restake rewards) or if we prefer to receive them separately (transferable rewards):

#2 Change validator - For wallets that previously staked 2000 $AZERO or more with AZF/ validators and want to change to a community one:

  • From the staking menu tap on "Your Validators":

  • At top, choose "Change" to display the list of available validators:

    • On next menu, we choose "Select by yourself":

    • In the list you just have to choose the validator you want, and click on confirm. If you want to stake with us to support our joob, look for our validator on the list: "STAKINGBRIDGE | SATURN"

    With Nova Wallet we can manage our funds from anywhere with our smartphone, operating with Aleph Zero has never been so portable!

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