Stakingbridge $CMN airdrop for Aleph Zero nominators


It has been 6 months of hard work, deploying all the infrastructure that allows us to host the latest chain in our portfolio in a reliable, secure and resilient environment: Aleph Zero 

We are extremely happy with the reception from the community and of course with the Aleph Zero team, for their professionalism throughout this process. 

Barely two months after the launch of our validator, we have reached the incredible number of 400,000 $AZERO staked in our validator, we think the time has come to push our staking service to the top while also returning the favor to the community partially or totally distributing the ($CMN) airdrop that corresponds to us as validators.

Stakingbridge $CMN airdrop

Although the amount to be received is still unknown, which we think also makes this airdrop more interesting, we do know that staking accounts will receive an airdrop of the main token on ($CMN), the DEX created by the Aleph Zero team.

Airdrop mechanics

We will airdrop a percentage of $CMN based on the total $AZERO staked with the Stakingbridge validator at the exact moment we receive the $CMN airdrop in our wallet:

  •   750,000: 25% of our total $CMN airdrop distributed with the community.
  •   1M: 50% of our total $CMN airdrop distributed with the community.
  •   1.35M: 75% of our total $CMN airdrop distributed with the community.
  •   2M+: 100% of our total $CMN airdrop distributed with the community.
Once we receive the airdrop, we'll let the community on Twitter decide how they want us to distribute the airdrop:

Distribution proportional to the amount staked:
  • The more you stake with Stakingbridge, the more you will receive.

Random winners:
  • One winner.
  • Three winners.
  • Five winners.


The rules are simple:

  1. Follow @Stakingbridge on Twitter and retweet this post.
  2. Stake with Stakingbridge | Saturn validator.
  3. Good luck! ☘️


- Please note that the amount of $CMN we will receive and its value is currently unknown an no one knows how it will be calculated.

- We are staking $25,998 AZERO, this amount will be the reference to determine how much we will give away to the community.

- If you decide to participate, you are responsible for the applicable laws and legislations in your country, and for refraining from participating if required by the laws of your country.

- If you agree to participate, you will need to send us your stash account address to verify that you are staking with us.

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