Don't trust, #Validate: Welcome to Stakingbridge

Stakingbridge: Aleph Zero, Velas Blockchain and StaFi Protocol validators

'' Competitive fees, maximum uptime, dedicated content and commitment to the projects in which we participate, these are our values. ''

Staking-as-service elevated to the maximum expression 

Offering a staking service in a reliable and secure environment that guarantees maximum rewards is the foundation on which we build, but contrary to what many staking providers do, we don't stop here, these are the keys that have given us led to being the validator of choice for more than 400 users on Velas Blockchain, or having been selected as a validator by the StaFi Protocol team and its grant program;
  • Servers performance; We use the best technology available on the market to build our validators, we spare no expense. We spend hundreds of hours carefully analyzing the needs of each network before choosing which hardware will bring the validator to life.
  • Uptime; Maintaining a staking service is a constant challenge that requires commitment, continuous follow-up and work. We are proud to say that we are one of the few validators who managed to ensure that the delegators who have trusted us did not lose a single staking reward in 2022 in our Velas validator, now we want to repeat the feat in 2023 with the rest of the networks we support.
  • Descentralización; most delegators/nominators do not pay attention to this information when delegating their coins/tokens, however, we should all be concerned about the health of the network in which we participate, after all, we are all interested in making the network work in a stable way, since in the long run the appreciation of the project in the market improves. Our grain of sand here comes from our commitment not to use overcrowded data centers, not even in our backups.
  • Content creation; In addition to validators and system engineers, we have a content creation team in order to help the community better understand each project, create tutorials, videos and all kinds of content that maximize visibility and engagement. In Web3 the community is everything, and that is why we care about this point, without a community, there is no project.
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