$AZERO Staking Loyalty/Giveaway program for Stakingbridge nominators and pool stakers


Beyond staking

Our commitment to Aleph Zero and the community goes beyond offering the best and most reliable validator to stake your $AZERO.

We want to reward all those nominators who support us and give visibility to the project by participating in our almost weekly activities, offering opportunities to win to the largest bag holders without neglecting small and medium-sized.

With this in mind, we present officially our staking loyalty and giveaways program.

$AZERO Giveaways for the most loyal and participative nominators

Giveaways mechanics and rules

Several times a month we will share a tweet with content related to #AZERO or Stakingbridge. We will assign a certain amount as reward that will range between 25 and 75 $AZERO for each activity.

  1. Follow @Stakingbridge on Twitter.
  2. Stake with Stakingbridge | Saturn Validator / Nomination Pool #22
  3. You must be staking with us at least 14 days in order to qualify.
  4. Retweet!

Distribution and transparency

The choice of the winners will always be made with Twitterpicker. Which allows transparency and honesty. If you are the winner, we will send you a direct message requesting the next information:

  • Your stash account staked on Stakingbridge | Saturn validator.
  • The address where you want to receive your reward.

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