How to bridge BYOC tokens using Partisia Browser + Parti Wallet

What is BYOC Tokens and why is it important?

BYOC Tokens refer to "Bring Your Own Crypto Tokens." This term implies that users can utilize their own cryptographic tokens on the Partisia Blockchain platform to engage in various activities such as transactions, smart contracts, or other functions within the blockchain ecosystem. Bringing your own crypto tokens could offer flexibility and diversity in platform usage, allowing users to utilize their existing digital assets instead of relying solely on the platform's native tokens.

Bridging different tokens like ETH USDT BNB MATIC USDC enable users to get 🔥Gas, which they can later use to carry out transactions. This mechanism is part of Partisia Blockchain's unique tokenomics. 

First of all, let's create our Parti Wallet to be able to use the BYOC bridge

You can download Parti Wallet from the following link:


After you sign in, choose “My account” on the left side and then choose "BYOC"

Choose the token you wish to bridge and select Deposit (or withdraw to withdraw your tokens) Then sign into Metamask:

Enter the amount you wish to bridge and click on “Deposit” and sign the transaction in metamask and complete the transaction:

Our BYOC TOKENS would be all set and ready to go in our wallet and you will have obtained 🔥Gas that you can later use to perform transactions on Partisia Blockchain, such as sending $MPC from one wallet to another, staking your tokens, etc.

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