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From the depths of mining to the pinnacle of PoS/DPoS validation

Stakingbridge emerged from the minds of two committed tech enthusiasts boasting years of professional expertise in the telecommunications sector and systems administration.

As new consensus mechanisms, such as PoS/DPoS, ushered in a more environmentally sustainable paradigm, characterized by significantly lower energy consumption compared to Bitcoin's proof of work approach reliant on sheer computational power, the stage was set for innovation. Furthermore, each network presents unique hardware requirements, adding an additional layer of allure for hardware fanatics like us.

The inception of Stakingbridge coincided with the advent of Velas and its captivating proposition of integrating AI into its consensus protocol back in 2018. Join us as we delve into the networks we have actively engaged with, those we currently support, and explore the intricacies of our infrastructure.

Experience, that intangible treasure acquired through the journey of progression

Current Validators

  • Velas - As alluded to in our introduction, Velas marks the genesis of our journey. In its nascent stages, the network exhibited a commendable frugality in resource consumption. However, despite dedicated efforts and considerable investment in research and development, the aspiration to incorporate AI into its consensus mechanism remained elusive. Eventually, the daunting challenges overshadowed the anticipated benefits, prompting a strategic pivot that saw the integration of Solana's source code into its foundational framework.
  • StaFi Protocol - Renowned as a pioneering liquid staking protocol, StaFi Protocol has traversed a dynamic evolutionary trajectory. Originating as a Polkadot parachain, it subsequently expanded its footprint onto the Cosmos ecosystem. Presently, it endeavors to establish itself as the vanguard in the realm of Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs), with a strategic multichain orientation.
  • Aleph Zero - Revered as an ultra-fast blockchain, Aleph Zero boasts a theoretical impregnability that defies conventional limitations. It showcases an unparalleled capability to execute private smart contracts while steadfastly adhering to compliance protocols. We extend our admiration to this blockchain, its proficient team, and their commitment to innovation amid the clamor of the industry.
  • Partisia - Partisia emerges as a beacon of innovation, harnessing advanced multiparty computation (MPC) to imbue public blockchains with an unparalleled level of privacy. Propelled by built-in sharding mechanisms operating at both the protocol and smart contract layers, Partisia epitomizes scalability and security. Furthermore, it pioneers the development of the industry's most fortified and interoperable token and data bridge. In this ecosystem, validators assume multifaceted roles, serving not only as transaction validators but also as oracles and zk knowledge nodes, exemplifying the network's commitment to robustness and versatility.

Bonus track

  • Aptos Testnet - Crafted by a team of visionary innovators, Aptos Testnet introduces a blockchain boasting unparalleled transaction processing capacity with remarkably modest hardware requisites. Undoubtedly, it stands as one of the most buzzworthy projects, experiencing meteoric growth from 2023 onwards.
  • Solana - Following a brief foray onto the mainnet during our inception, we opted to temporarily sideline Solana. Nonetheless, we continue to leverage its testnet as an invaluable crucible for experimentation. Its exacting hardware demands render it an exceptional platform for stress-testing the stability and reliability of our server infrastructure.

  • Artificial intelligence - While not directly tethered to validation, our current involvement in an exhilarating Artificial intelligence project serves as a testament to our diverse interests and ventures. Further insights into this endeavor will be shared throughout 2024. Our initial experimentation with Bittensor paved the way for multifaceted engagement within this dynamic sector.

Infrastructure: Our Pillar

To deliver a service optimized for staking rewards and enduring stability, a robust, scalable, and dependable infrastructure is paramount.

Employing cutting-edge hardware technology, we meticulously upgrade our servers every two years to preempt premature failures and uphold peak operational efficiency.

Yet, despite our meticulous hardware curation, we acknowledge the inevitability of unforeseen contingencies. Hence, each of our nodes boasts a 1:1 backup, strategically situated in geographically distinct locations to guarantee uninterrupted availability.

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